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Thank You

to all who contributed so generously in 2017: food, clothing, personal items and, of course, cash. Donations continued right up to midnight on December 31st (Vancouver time!) through Canada Helps, and we and especially all of our clients are so thankful for your generosity. It means we will be able to continue helping those most in need.

2016 Report

In 2015 we served 11666 meals and 10191 soups. (Our figures for the previous years were 10982 and 8471 in 2014 and 11448 and 9701 in 2015.) We still serve about 300 different individuals each year, but their faces are changing. Those who circumstances have changed, or have moved or died, are replaced by new, younger, faces. And we are serving more females.


Our Vegetable Garden project continues to go far beyond what we had expected. We have always tried to provide fresh vegetables at each meal, but cost and sometimes supply was a problem. Under the very capable hands of John Poland and friends, we have fresh vegetables all through the summer, and freeze what we cannot use then for use through the winter. We work in cooperation with Loving Spoonful in this project. 

     The food is prepared by Coordinator Jenny Hurd (who has worked in the program since 1990) and her group of thirty volunteers. Three or four people cook and clear up each day, and they come from all over Kingston.  The volunteers feel a calling to work with and for the disadvantaged, the alienated, the marginalized, and those who are just hungry.

Thanks to all who made the Christmas Dinner so Successful. Over 130 clients were present, and all received a Christmas turkey dinner with all the trimmings and dessert. They each also received a door prize.  We want to thank Windmills Restaurant for their help in cooking and preparing the turkeys, the Cataraqui-Kingston Rotary Club for setting up the tables so beautifully, and for being the servers along with Kingston Firefighters. Thanks to all who donated cash for the dinner or items for the many door prizes. And our regular volunteers performed stellar service in preparing the food and filling the plates. Later, 70 of our regular clients received a gift bag and a Christmas stocking of personal items.

We continued to receive grants from institutions, donations from many individuals, and gifts in kind from various sources, for all of which we are most grateful. About $15,000 of food was donated in 2016 to supplement our $65,000 budget. Because of the generosity of individuals, businesses and institutions over the years we are now in a reasonably healthy financial situation.


Discussion on Homelessness and Poverty

The video of the discussion is now at

About 160 people crowded into St. George's Hall on Tuesday evening to listen to Hugh Segal and Michael Oulton give their ideas on how to eliminate poverty and homelessness. The discussion was moderated by Eric Friesen. Their message was clear: Poverty can be eliminated, and the result will be better for individuals and for society as a whole. Thanks are due to them for the time they offered out of their busy lives, to the community groups who displayed their work, to all who listened so attentively to the discussion, and to all who donated, both food and $671.